Episode 018

Date: July 2017

The eighteenth Episode of ACvariety.TV features plenty of ambition. From the return of The Dekkers at the Vogt, to a Betty Boop treat... your attention is sure to be grabbed!

July is Oak Fest month, and of course The Clem touches on that. He opens up the show with a story from a long-time friend that really puts him in a funk. The thoughts of low participation in the world provides an opportunity for the viewer to provide his/her feedback.

A long awaited return is made as Julie and Kurt Dekker are back from their adventure out west. With summer here, there is plenty happening in Tinley Park. The Dekkers give you the rundown on everything musical in Tinley, and then provide their personal suggestions on what you may be interested in listening to.

Things really pick up with MotorsAgogo.com and TheMusicalJunction.com. On Motors, The Clem takes us down to Route 66 Raceway where Jimmy Alleruzzo speaks with one of the members from the famed Roush Family. For your musical fix, the show heads to Oak Fest to capture a tune from one of the most popular bands in the Midwest, Infinity!

People have fervent desires for different passions. For The Clem, it's Oak Fest. For others, its volunteer efforts. One of the largest volunteer efforts across the country is American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. The annual event happens in Oak Forest in June. Episode 018 takes a look at how the event unfolded.

Perfection Dance Artistry

This month's cartoon features Betty Boop. The cartoon will make you take a second look at running away from home. "Minnie the Moocher" is sure to give you a bit of a fright! The Clem also puts together a new segment that takes a look back at AC Variety through the years, with a focus on July. Alyssa Kay also talks about dance competition with her students before they give you a look at one of their performances. ACvariety.TV: Episode 018 will give you plenty of ambition for this summer!



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