Episode 016

Date: May 2017

The sixteenth Episode of ACvariety.TV opens up with a topic that everyone can relate to... hope. For many people, hope seems like a thing of years-gone-by. For others, each day provides the opportunity for new hope. Each Episode provides hope for excitement, and 016 is no exception.

The Chicago Cubs returned hope to the City of Chicago at the end of 2016. Their World Series win is a moment that no one is soon to forget. Clem shares the story about his World Series hat. From there, he kicks things up with TheMusicalJunction.com.

Hairbangers Ball is known throughout the Midwest, and AC Variety has the privilege to cover the band each year at Oak Fest. Their song selections cover many bands from the 80's, including Quiet Riot. As an historic band that released the first metal album to top the Billboard charts, Hairbangers Ball pays tribute by covering their popular song, "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)."

In a new feature on the show, Clem takes a moment to talk about Alyssa Kay's professional progression. In lieu of Perfection Dance Artistry, Clem features a look-back at her early work with AC Variety. Keeping up with the progression of time, Episode 016 also takes a brief glimpse at what the ACV Crew was doing one year ago, in May of 2016. Be sure to notice how each character has developed.

MotorsAgogo.com focuses on NHRA Route 66 Nationals. Clem provides insight into the production aspect, including the difficulties he needed to overcome during the weekend. The interview features car guru Jimmy Alleruzzo talking to Anthony Fetch. Not only does Fetch share his story of racing, but he also elaborates on where his family currently fits into his racing lineage.

As Episode 016 plays out, one will realize that it takes a lot of diligence to put an exciting program together. Clem tells the story of Bobby Troup and how "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66" came to be. As a widely popular song, it has been covered by many artists. The Tinley Park High School Honors Jazz Band recently performed the song at Hackney's in Palos Park, and it is featured on ACvariety.TV.

With only an hour to fit everything in, Episode 016 also features a Porky Pig cartoon, The Artistic Corner with a twist, and a new opinion about, "What Is Love?" Episode 016 is very enlightening and acts as the first step in the evolution of... The Clem.


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