Episode 015

Date: April 2017

The fifteenth Episode of ACvariety.TV features a theme, disappointment. Disappointment is something that everyone has experienced at one time. Whether is was due to the actions of a loved one, a circumstance at our place of employment, or a personal failure; disappointment is something that cannot be eluded during our lifetime.

Oak Forest and Tinley Park High School presented a benefit concert for cancer survivor and student, Emily Tibbett. 'Once Upon a Cure' featured a night of all Disney tunes sung by the students. One student in particular, Mera Shafie, faced a challenge from the tech crew. Shafie sang "How Far I'll Go" from 'Moana.' Her performance exhibits how far she'll go to ensure that she prevails.

Cartoons seem to be popular with people of all ages. Episode 015 features a "new" public domain cartoon. 'Trolley Troubles' features the debut of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The star may bear a striking resemblance to a famous mouse from an even more famous company. 'Trolley Troubles' was released in 1927, but fell into the public domain due to a blunder by Universal in 1955. Interesting note... this cartoon was directed by another historic man, Walt Disney.

Count's 77

Have you ever had a challenge you had no idea how you would overcome? Has this challenge made you almost want to raise the white flag and call it quits? We all had those experiences, and we all had to find a way to overcome whatever obstacles life threw in our path. World of Wheels is an annual event that AC Variety has the privilege to cover. Due to medical reasons, car guru Jimmy Alleruzzo was unable to attend the event in 2017. Clem was left to fend for himself, and faces a "no call-no show" from a potential assistant. With hours to go, and virtually no one to help; how will Clem tackle the biggest challenge of his life... An interview with Danny "The Count" Koker and his band, Count's 77? Will he face it with his best foot forward, or will he choke?

Perfection Dance Artistry

In addition to the multitude of challenges in Episode 015, The Artistic Corner and Perfection Dance Artistry return. The Dekkers share information on the upcoming spring events at The Vogt Visual Arts Center, while Alyssa Kay demonstrates some new techniques with her students. Clem provides the hosting that introduces each segment, and gives a little back story on each challenge within Episode 015 of ACvariety.TV.


Special thanks goes out to Kevin Mack, who allows ACvariety.TV to features Count's 77's music video, "Summer of '77." You can find out more information about Count's 77 here. You can find out more information about Perfection Dance Artistry here. You can contact AC Variety here.


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