Episode 012

Date: January 2017

The twelfth Episode of ACvariety.TV is also known as The Chapter Closing. A long year of adventure wraps up, with a bit of a different look. In lieu of Production Assistant Jimmy Alleruzzo's surgery, Clem does his best to do a "one man show."


The Episode opens up in an unusual way, with a performance of "Phantom of the Opera" by Tinley Park High School Choir. As one of the few pieces on the show shot with the assistance of Jimmy, it shows what can be done as part of a team.

Clem takes the opportunity to allow you to explore not only his world, but go inside his head. He reveals some of the circumstances that led to the conception of segments on the show, such as TheMusicalJunction.com, as well as what draws new characters to his world.

Bengal State Champions

Episode 012 takes a look back at some of Clem's favorite moments from Chapter 001, including the Bengals State Championship win. He also talks about the development of Perfection Dance Artistry, the production assistance of Cassie Stevens at the Vogt Visual Arts Center, and the addition of Jessica Leighamara as co-host.

Without Clemsperimentation, there would be no ACvariety.TV. This certainly is a different animal so to speak, and Clem lets you form your own opinion. A wild ride that started with Episode 001 doesn't slow down as we ring in the new year. Discover some of the things that go on behind-the-scenes, and perhaps pique your interest as Episode 012 concludes the first chapter.


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