Episode 011

Date: December 2016

The eleventh Episode of ACvariety.TV winds down the year of 2016, but does not wind down the infotainment. Getting into a festive mood, host Clem dons the red & white gloves and tells the story behind them. The other characters don't shy away from joining in the Yuletide spirit, as well!

The Monthly Affair

People consider many things in life to be significant. What may be important to one person, might be considered next-to-nothing to someone else. Some pieces of history are important to all, whether we realize it or not. The Tinley Park Historical Society is one of those pieces, and The ACV Team had the opportunity to record Tinley Park High's Choir at this unique venue. While the performance may be from last holiday season, the message in their song never dies.

The Musical Junction

One holiday tradition that many families share is that of watching Christmas throughout December. Building off of this, ACvariety.TV presents a holiday selection from the Color Classics series. "Christmas Comes But Once a Year" is a short that reminds us not everyone is self-centered. Produced by Fleisher Studios, this cartoon is not the first from the company to be featured by The ACV Team. A Betty Boop cartoon played in an earlier Episode comes from the Studio, and shares voice acting by Jack Mercer.

Perfection Dance Artistry

The usual segments return, including Perfection Dance Artistry with Alyssa Johnson Kay. Her students demonstrate a new technique for the viewers, and offer "a surprise." Jimmy Alleruzzo hosts TheMusicalJunction.com, which features 3rd Degree. The band performed at Oak Fest this year, and closed out the multi-day fest. Julie and Kurt Dekker host The Artistic Corner, which includes information on upcoming events in Tinley Park, in addition to a new branding campaign. The Monthly Affair features Kenootz Pizza in Midlothian, which will be the venue that AC Variety hosts 'Open Mic' at on Sunday, December 11 at 3 PM. And of course, a new installment of 'A Hat Story' features a winter hat.

The Artistic Corner

Perhaps the most anticipated aspect of the Episode is 'An Opinion Segment' which features Clem sharing submitted thoughts on "What Is Love?" With submissions literally from around the world, some thoughts might surprise you. One thing is for certain... ACvariety.TV: Episode 011 will make you think.

Tinley High's Choir Class