Episode 009

Date: October 2016

The ninth Episode of ACvariety.TV kicks off autumn! Jessica Leighamara returns to the scene in an Episode that features a wide range of segments with heavy meaning. One thing that rings true, is that ACvariety.TV is becoming a monthly prescription.

The Monthly Affair

The Old Times Family Picnic in Oak Forest, Illinois acts as an unofficial end to summer. This annual picnic has been going on for many years, and brings families back home to spend time with loved ones. The event features food, drink, music, and good times. Residents, and non-residents alike, are encouraged to stake out a picnic site and relax the day away. Local organizations partake in fundraising efforts for the duration of the event. Each year provides new opportunities to create memories. ACvariety.TV starts off the show with the farewell to summer.

The Musical Junction

Julie and Kurt Dekker host The Art of Entertainment while wearing various hats. They share the news of the southland, while recounting some of their favorite, and least favorite, childhood Trick-or-Treating memories. Speaking of hats, Clem shares his tale of the hat he received on January 12. Jim Alleruzzo returns to host the featured car segment focusing on Palos Heights, as well as The Musical Junction. Hairbanger's Ball provides the musical entertainment in one of the most emotional performances captured to date.

Clem shares his experience of having the honor to capture the first dance of a newly engaged couple at Oak Fest 2016. From the ignorance of comments made in the crowd, to the tender kisses on stage, AC Variety covers it all, then goes one step further...

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Episode 009 is a roller coaster ride that leaves every character involved with the show on edge, in an exciting kind of way. Tune in next month to see whose opinions are revealed first...