Episode 007

Date: August 2016

August marks the seventh Episode of AC Variety. Jessica Leighamara returns as Clem's cohort in this summer-fun production! As an extension of Clem's world, this month features a focus on the biggest party of the summer... Oak Fest!

As a bit of a hobbyhorse, Oak Fest is always on Clem's mind. This summer provided beautiful weather which offered an opportunity for memorable moments. From the rides, to the games, to the cars, to the bands... ACV caught it all!

Throughout the Episode, Clem and Jessica share some of the fun from the five days of the Fest. Sugar Rush performs a cover of "Spirits" after an amazing interview with the proud owner of a Trans Am. Infinity performs a song that reminds you that at the end of the day.. you are the only one that you can trust. And Beyond provides the perfect tune to wrap up a segment of playful banter...

The regulars return, including Perfection Dance Artistry and The Art of Entertainment. This month's public domain cartoon features a familiar face... Betty Boop! A Hat Story also features an Oak Fest flavor. Tune in and see what fun is coming up on ACvariety.TV!