Episode 006

Date: July 2016

July marks the sixth Episode of AC Variety. In a bit of a different twist from the first five Episodes, the show begins with a "flashback". In a nod to how times change, Infinity provides the soundtrack for the opening montage.

For the first time, Clem is joined by a cohort.. Jessica Leighamara. This mysterious character brings a new perspective to the show. Sitting on the tailgate, the two tackle the Oak Fest grounds. As the "biggest party of the summer," the grounds provide an exciting change of scenery!

As usual, the Episode features clips from various events in the Chicago southland. The annual Fire Night in Oak Forest provides lots of embers. A nice aspect about this event is that it brings familiar faces from the neighborhood. Discover what new traditions your family can join in!

Jim Alleruzzo brings great ideas to the table each month. He created a new featured car segment that focuses on a different car each month. In addition to his spot-on interviews, Clem's new cohort provides a wealth of knowledge in regards to her vehicular history. She proves to be a Renaissance Woman of the New Age.

The usual segments return, including The Art of Entertainment, and The Musical Junction. In a different approach, TMJ features a local musician who comes on the show! Lala Trupes is an acoustic musician who performs covers and originals. She interviews with Julie Dekker, before performing an Imagine Dragons Song.

The show rounds off with a loony Cartoon, and a new Hat Story. New can be good in moderation, and this Episode provides a new feel! Be sure to tune in next month to see what else happens in "Clem's World".

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