Episode 005

Date: June 2016

June marks the fifth Episode of AC Variety. Emanating from the Chicago Southland, there is never a shortage of the variety. This Episode adds a couple of new things that are sure to strike the fancy of both young'uns and those with more life experience.

The Episode begins with a pop! Innovation is one of the keys to success, as life moves forward. With cameras becoming smaller, the opportunities for new angles exist. ACV attended the annual Pop Concert at Oak Forest High, and attached a camera to a musical instrument. Discover where it lies as the Concert Choir performs Phil Collins', "You'll Be In My Heart."

They say that variety is the spice of life... Well, spontaneity is also pretty spicy. The beauty of going on trips is that the opportunity for spontaneous moments always exists. For some, vacation is a time to relax. For others, vacation is a time to discover new things to tell stories about. Lebanon Tennessee is home to a Model Railroad Museum. ACV brings the history to Episode 005!

The beauty of spring is that musicals happen at the various schools in the Chicago Southland. There was no shortage, as Jack Hille Middle School in Oak Forest performed 'Once on This Island,' while Oak Forest High performed "Little Shop of Horrors." ACV gives a lesson on horticulture, as the high school students perform "Skid Row" from the musical production.

The regular segments return, including The Art of Entertainment, Perfection Dance Artistry, and TheMusicalJunction.com. Jim Alleruzzo features a set of twins that call themselves Double Identity. Located in the western suburbs, the ladies perform their original song, "Ride It Out". A new feature on AC Variety includes a cartoon that may bring back memories for the aged viewers, and makes something old-new again, for the younger generation! Catch all this, and more, on AC Variety: Episode 005!