Episode 004

Date: May 2016

May marks the time for many things. From Cinco de Mayo, to the first full month of spring, to Memorial Day; there is no shortage of things to do and celebrate. AC Variety: Episode 004 is no exception. Clem hosts this episode that features a variety of segments dealing with the performing arts, The Vogt, and even a fishing club!

Alyssa Johnson opens the first segment of the show with Perfection Dance Artistry, and a new technique. This month's featured technique is a Calypso, performed by Faith Goitia. From there there, the show takes a surprising turn to a fishing club! In a new segment, Clem goes into the house of a fan and talks about a topic that said fan is passionate about. This particular talk focuses on Fish Tails Fishing Club in Oak Forest. Treasurer Kevin McAdams talks about what the club entails, and how the viewer can get involved.
Jim Alleruzzo hosts TheMusicalJunction.com. He focuses his attention on a Chicago-area band that appeals to many ages, the Midnight band. On a trip to the Morton Arboretum, AC Variety had the opportunity to record their set. This month, Alleruzzo plays two of those songs that showcase their musical abilities. The songs are The Beatles, "I Saw Her Standing There", and The Buckinghams, "Don't You Care".

Ancestry is important not only for human history, but family history, as well. In a way, ancestry is exemplified through the many performances that AC Variety has the opportunity to cover. The children that perform at the various school levels represent a generation of families that populated the south Chicagoland area. They each have a history. For the first time, these children get to perform for the cameras, and have the ability to share this performance with their family across the country, and even the world. Jack Hille Middle School's Show Choir sings (and dances) it best, in their Jazz Nite performance of "It's My Life".

Ignorance is something we all encounter throughout life. Fortunately, AC Variety has the opportunity to shed light on a topic that many people are ignorant about; shooting sports camp. Alum, Kelly Maier, stops by the ACV set in an open discussion segment where she speaks about her involvement in the Clyde Howell NRA Youth Shooting Sports Camp. People have common misconceptions when they hear the word "shooting". This segment sheds light on what this particular event is about, and even enlightens Clem on things he was unaware of. For more information, please E-mail Director.ClydeHowellYSSC@yahoo.com.
The other usual segments return, including The Art of Entertainment, hosted by Kurt and Julie Dekker. Clem also speaks on one of the restaurants he ate dinner at, Pepe's in Tinley Park; and touches briefly on the fans he ran into. As always, AC Variety features something for everyone. Enjoy your stay in "Clem's World".