Episode 002

Date: March 2016

March 2016 is known for roaring in like a lion, and AC Variety helps the month live up to its reputation! The second episode features a slew of segments ranging from artistic, to sporty, to even a bit quirky!

'The Captain' returns to sail the media ship, and provides non-stop infotainment from the get-go. With constructive feedback, the episode features minor adjustments to provide a more interactive experience. Fan-favorite segments, including The Musical Junction and The Art of Entertainment return. A new interview segment entitled The Artistic Corner, which features a local artist from the Chicago southland makes its debut.

Sculpture is the term that opens up the second Episode of AC Variety. Defined as "a piece of art that is made by carving or molding clay, stone, metal," it sets up for the debut of The Artistic Corner. The Vogt Visual Art Center's Gallery Director, Julie Dekker, sits down with local artist Michael Shields to discuss his latest project. From the Chicago Southland suburb of Tinley Park, Shields recently completed a sculpture at St. Julie Parish. He talks about his own personal art history, as well as the conception of his piece. Shields is a graduate of Victor J. Andrew High School, and has been featured at The Vogt for previous exhibits.

Oak Forest High School's Varsity Cheerleading team made history on February 6, when they won the State Championship in the Medium Varsity Division at the competition that took place in Bloomington, Illinois. One of the biggest positive events to take place in the suburb of Oak Forest, ACV Television Network was the only media source on-scene to capture the Cheer teams' arrival home, and the pep assembly that followed their amazing win. Greeted by dozens of family members, friends, and alum; the City's residents were overjoyed with excitement. AC Variety features the arrival, as well as the first post-win performance. The dedication exhibited by the OFHS Cheerleaders truly brought a miracle to Oak Forest.

With winter coming to an end, festival season is virtually around the corner. Oak Fest is known as the biggest party of the summer, as well as a few other pet names. An annual tradition has been to go to the Oak Fest grounds in winter, and shoot a production called "Halfway to Oak Fest". Hosted by Jim Alleruzzo, and Joe & Adam Koce, the piece provides the latest news on what's being planned for the 2016 event. From new brews, to special offers, to hot bands; AC Variety has the scoop and satisfies your curiosity.

The quirkiness returns as Clem provides a sentimental history about one of his favorite hats that dates back to 2013. Alleruzzo acts as host of The Musical Junction. Due to an overwhelming response, Sugar Rush returns at the featured artist in the segment. Julie and Kurt Dekker bring their usual antics to The Art of Entertainment, which features a walk-through of the "What Do You Love" art show.

The second episode of AC Variety provides something for every someone out there. Whether your interest lies in art, festivals, or otherwise; you are sure to discover it during this hour of entertainment! Grab a beverage and a snack, and come sail the sea of media with your friendly Captain!