Episode 001

Date: February 2016

February 2016 is memorable for many things. From cheap oil, to the Iowa Caucus, to Spring Training, there is only one thing that outshines these events... The debut episode of the monthly program, AC Variety!

Starting in February, AC Variety is made available to over 80 communities in the Chicago Southland via Comcast Channel 19 on Tuesday nights at 9 PM. With such an opportunity, the minds were working over-time to think what kind of show should be produced? Then it hit Clem... What about a show that features pieces from many of the other productions, but also adds unique segments each month? Enter AC Variety.

The show opens with a monologue by the show runner, explaining a brief history and the vision for the future. Affectionately referred to as 'The Captain', Clem commits himself to bringing the viewer to the forefront of entertainment. Wasting no time; fan and resident of the Chicago suburb of Oak Forest, Bill Lomax, starts the show with a little ACV jingle.

Composed of a variety of segments, the debut episode is chock full of entertainment. Clem has several topics he talks on, including pride, passion, and perseverance. To exhibit pride, the Bloomington High School Cheerleading team performs their award-winning routine from the Bengal Invitational. All-girl pop band, Sugar Rush of Orland Park, displays passion in their performance of "Han Solo". Alyssa Johnson joins that ACV cast from Perfection Dance Artistry to show that perseverance pays off.

Some of the other segments in the debut episode include, The Musical Junction and The Art of Entertainment. Jim Alleruzzo hosts The Musical Junction and features a country artist from Palos Heights, Abby Kasch. The Art of Entertainment is hosted by Julie and Kurt Dekker at the Vogt Visual Arts Center in Tinley Park. For the first time, they are featured in a two-camera shoot, and also take a walk through of the miniature show!

AC Variety is glued together with hosting by Clem. In addition to introducing each segment, he also shares information about upcoming events. He provides insight into his world, and invites viewers to provide their own feelings. AC Variety is truly a show about real people, and we hope you'll let us into your home.